Russian Man Crashes Tank Into Grocery Store Then Steals A Bottle Of Wine


A Russian man is under arrest after he stole a tank, rammed it into the window of a grocery store, and stole a bottle of wine. The strange incident happened in Apatity, a small town just south of the Arctic Circle in Russia. 

According to the The Guardian the man stole the armored vehicle from a nearby military driving school. He then drove the stolen tank through the woods before ending up in downtown Apatity. 

The man ran into trouble when he reached the narrow streets of the town. Reuters reports he struggled to turn the vehicle around, crushing a car in the parking lot in the process, and then finally crashing it into the window of a convenience store.

As witnesses watched, the man, who appeared drunk, got out of the tank to inspect the damage he did. He then walked through the shattered window, grabbed a bottle of wine and left. 

Police caught up with the man later and arrested him without incident. 


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